rain vii

i. People praise rainy days but they just give me an achy head and a depressed feeling in the pit of my stomach. I combat them the only way I know: putting white sheets on the bed and filling as many jars with green as I can (but I may or may not take advantage of my already-blue mood to listen to sad songs).

ii. I find myself taking pleasure in the way the bed sheets are a white mass of crinkled valleys and hills in the mornings. My parents probably just think it's an excuse to not make my bed.

iii. (it's kinda true)

iv. Having a restless soul is both a blessing and a curse.

v. I wonder why people act the worst to the people they love most.

vi. My emotions are too fickle for my taste. I read books so I can live in somebody else's mind for awhile.

vii. I'm tired of all those false promises and I want to start doing things instead of only talking about them and this post is as disjointed as I feel. I have no pretty words left in me.

ps I'm sorry I take everything so seriously. I should probably be glad we don't have more rainy days.