but maybe I could qualify for the really good sister award

Perhaps this post should come with a disclaimer, a disclaimer of the I'm-not-a-perfect-sister sort. My siblings are the bees knees, but we sometimes get into typical sibling squabbles and arguments over really stupid things. (And sometimes I hoard food from them, especially of the chocolate variety.) Not that I'm proud of that in the least! But it's true. So. Don't get the wrong idea ;)

But the beauty is that there is never-ending supply of grace and forgiveness for those shortcomings!

Grace and forgiveness, and also really fun weekends with the house to ourselves. Our weekend-long party looked a lot like this:

 a trip to the art museum

 (I maaaaay have twirled around in an deserted exhibition room until I heard the security guard's footsteps. But only just maybe.)

fresh waffles and good music and hot coffee and snuggles in bed while accompanied by the patter of rain

constructing a giant fort in the living room (that was our first order of business after the parents left, of course), in which we ate warm brownies and watched survival shows

ice cream runs just because

a little two mile jaunt in the wet, muddy woods...

..and a healthy dose of pouting, too

not pictured:
the consumption of a copious amount of carbs
lots of card playing
the deep clean right before the parentals arrived (hey, at least we're responsible?! ;))
randomly pulling over on the side of the road to get the shot
oh, and driving around the block a couple extra times just to finish the song on the radio
and a really really good salad (almonds, goat cheese, dried berries, and red onions on a bed of lettuce with homemade vinaigrette)

...and we didn't burn the house down! And got to church on time (just barely, though)! And didn't get in a car crash!

So obviously I don't qualify for the perfect sister award, but do I qualify for the really good sister award? Maybe? ;)