i do not have much to say.

just that the days are long and full with school and work and good people.

i am tired. but it is the good kind.

this week has held many surprises.
things that i hadn't even dared to dream about are now becoming reality.
i am more excited than i have been in a very very long time; more later.

and it is only wednesday! think of all the potential that thursday and friday and saturday hold..!

on my way home from school, i drive west into the sunset. i roll the windows down and let the wind run its messy fingers through my hair and think,
"how lucky i am! how lucky i am to be driving down this road, to have time to think and smile until my face hurts."
sometimes i make awkward eye contact with the occupant of the neighboring car at the stoplight and we either look away very fast or--and this is less rare--turn the awkwardness into a smile. i like it when the latter happens.

i was talking with a very very dear friend last night and we were both struck by how different some people seem on the internet.
it's a funny thing.
but rest assured, if you ever talk to me face to face, expect a lot of giggling and maybe a little blondness, but not a whole lot of philosophical thoughts. i'm not that deep of a thinker all the time ;)

that's okay, though. wouldn't it be boring if everyone acted exactly the same all the time?

did you know that there's a website that's simply plays coffee shop noises?
it's supposed to improve your creativity. whether it really does is another matter, but i find it very soothing. i like the atmospheres of coffee shops very much.

i went to starbucks today for that very reason, not because i'm enamored by it (i find it overrated, frankly), but for the atmosphere.
after i ordered my drink, i sat down to do some work, and then realized i forgot my power cord. because my laptop's battery is virtually useless, i found myself instead sitting at my friend's kitchen table ten minutes later.
i couldn't think of a better way to while away the afternoon. friends that let you drop in at a moment's notice are the best kind of friends.

i said i did not have much to say, but look what grew from that first line. sometimes all it takes is a sentence or two to open the floodgates, i guess.

good night, kids. xxxx
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