mundane things

I'm interested in mundane things.

Things like:

i. a person's daily routine (one they probably find boring but that's what interests me about it)

ii. what they eat for breakfast (or if they eat breakfast at all)

iii. what they listen to when driving

Such little things, yet they tell so much about a person.

i. During the week, I get up every morning between 7 and 7:30. Lay in bed for a bit, check my email to wake myself up. Go downstairs, fix breakfast, read the newspaper. Get dressed, pull out my computer and sit at the kitchen table to work on whatever needs working on. Lunch. Class or chiropractor or errand running in the afternoons, depending on the day. Work on Thursday and Saturday nights. Dinner whenever I fit it in, bed by 10:30 or 11.

ii. Nine times out of ten there is bread with some form of cheese and jam. Or peanut butter. Sometimes there are scrambled eggs or omelets or a cup of yogurt with diced fruit. And coffee. Always coffee. A latte or iced coffee or just with milk, depending on my mood.

iii. Usually it's one of the three country stations in town (yes) or whatever's on my ipod. Although lately, there's been a lot of NPR listening goin' on...

And that is my normal, my mundane. What's boring to me may seem interesting to you, and what's boring to you is interesting to me.

Feel free to respond to these questions in the comments or adapt this list to post on your own blog/wherever you like :)