but you can't take the texas outta the girl

Like most things when you think about them too much, traveling is weird. But wonderful! But still weird. The whole wake-up-one-place-go-to-sleep-hundreds/thousands-of-miles-away, for one, messes with your mind - and, not gonna lie, I'm not a huge fan of the coming home part, no matter how nice my own bed and shower are. But despite it all, I love traveling. I brought books to read and homework to do during the 8+ hour car ride, but I spent most of it staring at the ever-changing landscape. There's something about watching the sun creep slowly up in the east - the fading moon and stars - that scoops up all the cheesy prose from within me and brings it right to the surface in a big mushy pile. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching the sun rise like that, I'd highly recommend it. It's magical. The world is magical. I can't wait to explore it all.

But Thanksgiving! The day before was spent on the aforementioned road, and then there were three glorious days of Texas-sized eating and hair-doing and sightseeing and laughing and sleeping and talking and loving. Oh, and an IKEA pit stop along the way! If 2 1/2 hours is still considered a pit stop, that is...hey, if you lived four hours away from the closest location, you'd be the same. I love Texas. The abundance trucks, the country music, the breakfast tacos, the attitude of the whole darn state, the people, heck, even the 120-pump Buc-ees gas station (biggest in the world. not even kidding.)! Like they say, you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl. That wonderful state will always be home. And though I'm from Houston, the gently rolling hill country of New Braunfels made me want to move back somethin' fierce.

So. Back home. And thankful for Thanksgiving and all those wonderful things like family and friends that are family and breakfast tacos and old towns and adventures.