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the mustard seed co
I am experiencing a serious Etsy crush. I have fallen in love with everything from The Mustard Seed Co. I think I may faint.

Warning: Precede with caution. You may get overwhelmed looking these things.

Don't believe me? Check out some jewelry that is seriously swoon worthy...

I would wear this every single day. I love the little bird, and the flower is yellow AND vintage to boot (I like yellow and vintage things are cool. Very cool.)! 

I adore this necklace (Also available are believe, love, and live necklaces...I love the whole line). The flowers almost seem to be a "signature" on almost every piece from this lovely store...LOVE it.

(I'm saying "love" too much. And "really". Once again, I need to invest in a thesaurus. This using-the-same-adjective-over-and-over-again is getting out of hand.)


I have a hankering (Ha! I used an online thesaurus. Just for kicks. I typed in "love" and one of the synonyms was "hankering". I'm going back to love.) really love this bracelet. The fabric rosette is the perfect touch.


I'm going to wrap it up with this lovely necklace. I could go on. And on. And on over this lovely shop...but I have to end somewhere, don't I?

Please don't be mad at me for telling you about The Mustard Seed Co...I warned you! :)


PS If for any reason you feel like you need to give me anything from this store, I will welcome it with open arms. ;)