personal shoot

Callyn in October

I'm taking advantage of the last week of winter break to go through some work that's been pushed to the wayside. This set of Callyn was shot in October, when it was still warm enough to go sleeveless and the light was a little more golden. This coming semester I've enrolled in a film photography class (my first formal photography class ever!) and I'm excited to make time for personal work again.

Babe in the bush

everybody knows - vacationer

The conscious effort of taking proper photographs seems to have been buried under assignments and laziness. A shame, really--but that does not detract from my never-ending admiration of the dance between light and shadow. M is my ever patient model when the afternoon sun catches my eye. It's hard to believe more than a year as passed since we took

a similar set of photos

. Time marches ever on, I suppose. I am glad to have these snippets of time frozen.