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a new purse
I need a new purse. My old one has primer on it (It got on there because I walked into a freshly primed door while renovating this summer...I'm kind of clumsy...), looks a little "beat up", and honestly, I want a new purse. :)
I've been kind of shopping around, nothing serious...I need to have a bag that's fairly large. I carry books, a change of clothes (only for sleepovers though...I'm not THAT prepared!)...pretty much everything.
These purses are some of my favorites that I've found...
Left "Belle Tote", middle "Blooming Pink Flower Bag", right "Pandora"
I love them all (can you tell I have a thing with grey and pink?)...I would love your opinions, though! What do YOU think?
I can't decide. ;)