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tids and tads
I'm sorry I haven't been a very diligent blogger lately...I have exams this week and a piano competition coming up...I've been pretty busy with that.
Last night a friend spent the night...she was going to sit through my science class as she might be taking the same class as me next year...well I wasn't able to login so we couldn't get to class (I take it online)...I'm still not able to get in which is REALLY frustrating as
a) I missed class today
b) I have exams this week that I need to login to take
c) My friend wasn't able to see what the class is like
I hope I'm able to get in soon!
When we were supposed to be in class (I gave up on trying to login) we went shopping...I felt a little guilty but I really did try everything to get in.
The weather was so nice today...I think it got up to 65...I am ready for spring! It was soo nice not to have to bundle up!
Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!