happy birthday, lilly!

Dear Lilly,

Happy birthday!
(She had pancakes with Nutella and blueberries for breakfast)

I can't believe you're already four.

I remember when you were four days old and looked like this.


I remember when you were six months loved playing in the water when we went on vacation to Colorado.


I remember when you were 18 months old and couldn't get enough of French Toast.

I blinked and all of a sudden you were 1 1/2 and you insisted on wearing your orange striped socks every single day.

This was also when we discovered you had a sense of humor. You loved these goggles.

This was your second birthday. You loved getting so much attention!

When you were 26 months you had your first boyfriend, JoJo Hintz. :)


You went to your first football game, played at TU, when you were 2 1/2.

You also started potty training. :)


And a year ago today you turned three! I dressed up as a witch and "kidnapped" you at your party and all the "knights" had to come look for you. You thought it was pretty fun.

Now you're four...

You love all things that are girly, pink, or purple.

You started ballet lessons on Wednesday - you were SO excited. You loved it so much you decided you wanted to have a ballerina princess chocolate cake.

You are so silly... :)

...and you loved the bike you got.

You've been playing with the perfume and lotion you also got with MeMe all day and loving every minute of it.

Happy birthday, sweet girl, I hope you have many, many more!

Your big sister