zoe + danielle: sisters

Zoe and Danielle are sisters – and virtually my sisters as well. One is ten years old, the other seven. One has brunette ringlets, the other blonde ringlets. (Can we say I'm dealing with some hair envy over here? Because I am so envious of their gorgeous hair.) One has chocolate brown eyes, one sapphire blue.
They're adorable.


I could eat this light for breakfast.

Okay, maybe not. But it sure is beautiful.


Oh hey there pretty girl.


I like you. You're cute. And your hair is gorgeous.

group shot ;)

Group shots are funny. Especially when you take them with silly girls.

Here's some more silliness for you...

Lilly makes me laugh.

Happy Friday!


never grow up.

oh darling, don't you ever grow up // don't you ever grow up, just stay this little 
oh darling, don't you ever grow up // don't you ever grow up, it could stay this simple.
taylor swift, never grow up

everyday moment: playtime {92/365}

From the time I was born until I was nine, I spent my life on a farm of sorts in southeast Texas, a place that will always have a softness in my heart. (I still consider myself a Texan.) We owned two horses, a Paint and a Palomino, two goats, three dogs, and a manifold of cats. Plump, succulent blackberries – my favorite – grew in the woods behind our house and in our pasture in late spring, which in turn were gathered by the handful, sweet juice running down my chin.

(photo credit goes to my neighbor, zoe)
Every Saturday we had some friends over, friends who always brought donuts, and we rode our horses in the warm sun. I remember loping diagonally across the pasture, the wind whipping my hair, and feeling so free.

Most days I would first study my dad working on the computer at his desk, then sit at my little desk with my old computer and make Excel spreadsheets. (I was in love with all things office-y. I know.)

(me, age three or four)
Like any six year old, I wanted so badly to grow up. I'd look at the fifth graders at my school in awe, wishing that I could be as big as them. I remember having a medieval party for my eighth birthday and feeling oh so grown up in my gown that my mother sewed me.

When I think back on my days growing up in Texas, I'm filled with happiness and a tinge of nostalgia. Memories are evoked, laced with building forts comprised of blankets, going to Joe's Barber Shop, complete with striped barber pole, for my father's haircuts, and waving goodbye to my mother in the cool dampness of the morning as she drove off to work.
Like most, these memories are conjured by the strangest things, such as the whiff of chlorinated pool water, the sound of country music, and the salty taste of tortilla chips and ketchup.

(photo credit goes to my neighbor, zoe)
When I think of those memories, I can't help but wish I were six again. Back to the carefree days of playing store, back to eating powder sugar donuts on the deck, back to swinging in the hammock outside, reading the hours away.

And then I think of MeMe and Lilly. Much like myself at their age, they're so eager to become older, to live their lives. While I most certainly can relate, I just want to squeeze them and softly whisper in their ears "never grow up". I want tell them to keep their sweet, simple innocence, their little-girl outlook on life and not to rush into life so quickly. I want to tell them to embrace this carefree time of their childhood. I want to tell them to never grow up.

pioneer woman photo challenge: sisters


scenes from everyday.

Note: After this post, I'm no longer going to be posting photographs on my blog. It has become too tedious to sort them, edit and resize, then upload them. From now on, there will only be text. April Fools! Did I get you? Don't worry, I'm not going to stop posting photographs...I couldn't let this day go by without a prank or two ;)

I am not known for my prowess in pranking. Though that one time when Jeremiah and I added fish oil to MeMe's water at lunch was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself ;)


(hot chocolate from starbucks...and I managed to not spill it all over myself this time.)


(I'm having to bribe more and more to get a few shots of my siblings lately...and even then they won't always accept the bribe. Anyone want to have a photoshoot with me? I would be eternally grateful.)

(I love these feet, the dirt and all)


(I looked out of the kitchen window the other day, and what did I see? oh, you know, just Lilly hanging out by herself on the fence, peering at the dogs on the other side. sigh.)

These everyday moments are my favorite. Any special moments that you've had recently?

Be sure to check back here tomorrow...I have something special planned :) Also, the frequently asked questions page is up! Feel free to check it out.