jeremiah's book report

My brother had to write a book report for school...he really got into it...and he was changing every other word with Word's thesaurus tool...I got a kick out of reading all the long (and "educated" as he would say) words.

"Snow Treasure, written by Marie McSwigan 
Book Report
Once in 1942 when Norway was under Nazi control a group of children tried to save the gold belonging to the town of Riswyk. They used their toboggans to transfer it to a ship that was bound for America. The reader is kept in suspense as they wonder “Will the children be able to succeed bringing the gold to the ship?”

I like this book because it’s thrilling. The children are so valiant! They walk right next to the Nazis with thousands of dollars on their toboggans! And the Nazis don’t even know that they have gold on their sleds.

The message is that even children can overcome an atrocious monster just like in the story of David and Goliath in the Bible (1 Samuel 17:1). David is like the children who were still diminutive but had reliance and overcame the foe. The Nazis are like Goliath who thought he could annihilate David. I thought it was just a very, very attractive book."
"I thought it was just a very, very attractive book." really made me laugh...

I love you, J. :)