my day

I stayed in my pjs until about 11:30 today...we (meaning my mom, my brother, and our handyman friend) put in the tile grout in the bathroom. I showered and Megan, our pastor's daughter, came over.

Around 2pm, my dad and I left to go see Avatar (3D, Imax). 

They had really cool art deco style lights in the theater - I passed my time waiting for the movie to start photographing them.

Going off on a bunny trail here, people say the funniest things. I was listening to people talking before the are some of the things I heard.

Older man to his wife (in a southern accent): I'm gonna go get some popcorn. You got the money? What do you mean? I thought you had the money! 

I don't think he got his popcorn.

Another older man was being really picky about where they were going to sit. I guess his wife was grumbling a bit, and he goes, "What? We want to have the full Imax experience!"

Then there was this man sitting a few seats away that started laughing at something, only it sounded like he was a growling bear. I had to laugh.
And why in the world do people have to sit right next to you when there is the whole theater to choose from? Sigh.

I digress.

I wasn't too eager to go see Avatar as I'm not really into fantasy things, but I thought that it would be good if I went, as I think it's going to become a classic. Not to mention they're going to stop showing it soon, so my dad and I went. I loved it. It was really, really, really, really, really good. The special effects were, for lack of a better word, incredible. As was the whole movie.
I had heard that the whole message of the movie wasn't very good, but I was pleasantly surprised that it (the message) wasn't too bad.

I really, really, really recommend you go see it (if you haven't already - I got on the Avatar bandwagon a little late!) before it's too late...and if you can, try and go to an Imax 3D showing...

Tomorrow my morning starts bright and early at 7:45...I have to babysit...there goes sleeping in! :)

How was your Friday?