the ballet

Yesterday I went to The Contemporaries ballet with my friend.

It required us to go downtown to the Preforming Arts Center...

While getting out of the car, I stepped onto the sidewalk and almost got a huge chunk of ice on my head. It had fallen from the top of an at least 100 foot building, probably more. I'm glad I didn't get knocked out! :) 

I digress.

I passed the time waiting for it to start taking pictures of the amazing walls. 

Unfortunately, no photography was allowed during the a picture of the curtain will have to do.

The ballet was amazing. It was in three acts - Maninyas, Por Vos Muero, and This is Your Life. This is Your Life was by far my favorite...

After the first act - Maninyas - there were many empty seats farther up and we were able to sit in the middle of the fourth row from the stage! It was amazing to see something so beautiful up close.

So, what was your Sunday like?