dreaming of ikea

As you may or may not know, we're heading to where we used to live, near Houston, Texas, on Thursday for a few days. There is a German festival and they ask my dad to come down every year to hold a German church service (he usually says one sentence in German, then translates it into English) I'm always happy for the excuse for us to head down there! :)

I digress.

The Houston IKEA not too far away from where we are going. Oklahoma doesn't have any IKEA stores (Boo! And we can't really have anything shipped as their shipping charges are ridiculous)...the nearest store is in Dallas, Texas. But as long as we're near Houston, my mom and I will probably head to the Houston store. I am so excited! (Um, yes. I think someone needs a little help getting over obsessing about decorating)

Last night my mom and I were looking at their website - big mistake. I'm going crazy over all their wonderful things...and their cheap prices. I love that all their pieces are so versatile...they fit with pretty much every style.

Here are some of my favorites...

FILLSTA table lamp

*Drool* Have you ever seen anything cuter?! This would go perfectly on my nightstand.
FARM vase

How amazing would a couple of these on a tray look? The price is even better - $1.99. Hold on a second while I buy a few hundred a couple.

The nightstand essential. Everyone needs one of these!

I'm falling more in love with this mirror every second. This would look amazing in our soon-to-be-finished bathroom...

So, who's with me? Anyone else who is head over heels in love with IKEA?