in the time i was gone i...

First off, there's a special boy who is five today! Happy birthday, JoJo!!! I can't believe you're already five :)

If you haven't already guessed, I'm baaack!!! Ohmigosh...I knew I would miss blogging but I didn't know I would miss it this much! It felt like a little piece of my life was missing...I'm ecstatic to be back. :)

In the time I was gone I... supplies to make something (whether it'll work or not is another matter...). If it does work out, I'll post a tutorial and tell you what it'll be :) In the mean time, any guesses?

...lost my camera.

...spent the entire evening looking everywhere for said camera (Seriously. I was freaking out!).

...finally found it in my closet. Sigh.

...went to science.

...did homework.

....made brownies (and forgot to take pictures...they were gone pretty fast...I was hoping to update the awful picture I have of them, though).

...slept in a tent with MeMe and Lilly in our backyard (If I hadn't slept out there I'm sure there would have been a riot).

...taught piano.

...caught up on lab reports.

...missed blogging (and ya'll!) like crazy.

...cleaned my room.

...took pictures. overjoyed that the daffodils are finally blooming.

...applied for volunteering at the library in the summer.

...had a sleepover.

...babysat (twice).

...went to the orthodontist (my teeth hurt).

...took long walks (and enjoyed the 72 degree weather).

...took pictures of clouds.

...wrote a confirmation paper.

...went shopping (twice). And I found some jeans at Old Navy that fit me!!!!! I can never find pants that fit me.

...ate way, way too many samoas.

...saw the chicks and ducklings at Atwoods. I don't think I've seen anything cuter in my life. I want a duckling. And a chick. Sigh.

I'm sooo glad to be back! :)