cinnamon coffee cake

Ever since reading this post at Everyday Musings, I craved coffee cake. That delicious blend of butter, cinnamon, and sugar...mmm. 

Yesterday I decided to satisfy my craving, and made a sour cream coffee cake using this recipe

(For future reference, half way into making the cake I realized we didn't have enough sour cream, so I used regular yogurt, and it turned out fine. So, while writing this post, I realized that I couldn't really call it "sour cream coffee cake", as I didn't use sour cream so I renamed it "cinnamon coffee cake".
The only thing I would do different in the recipe is reduce the salt. I just used a pinch...the 1/2 teaspoon they call for would be way too much.)

By the time it was done baking, the whole house smelled of cinnamon and sugar. I had to leave to babysit literally right as it was done, but it took everything in me not to have a piece right then and there.

I have since then tried it...I think it tastes a little like a snickerdoodle cookie in cake form. It's very moist and light, though.

Go make it. Now. :)