family fotos

I'm going to participate in the "Family Foto" Planting Chums bloghop over at Aspire today.

Being a photographer (can I call myself that?), I have so many favorite pictures. But while there are many, many pictures that are pretty to look at, not all of them have memories associated with them. Which is why I chose this picture...

I took this picture, of the road by our house blanketed in snow, after a mini blizzard in January. Being a Texan at heart (I was born and lived the first nine years of my life there...I still consider myself a Texan!), there's still a little piece of me that gets overjoyed every time it snows. Because we live in Oklahoma, snow is not exactly common, but in a typical winter it snows 3-4 times.
On Christmas Eve, it was snowing and sleeting so badly that we were unable to go to the service that night (the above picture was taken a few weeks later when it snowed again). While I was bummed about not being able to go to church, I loved how everything was shut down and we were able to curl up next to the fireplace with some hot chocolate.
There's something about snow, or any "sort of extreme" (I know a foot is nothing to northerners! :)), that people find slightly humorous.

In the summer of 2006 - while we still live in St. Louis - there was a bad storm that knocked the power out for 5 (very hot) days. Every night there were barbecues as people had to use up the food they had in their freezers and refrigerators before it went bad. Since there was no power, everyone just kind of hung out, as they didn't have the option of sitting in their air conditioned homes. Honestly, I was a bit sad when the power came back on.

I digress.

My point is, I love snow (I would probably feel differently if I lived in Michigan... :)) and everything associated with it. I love that people help each other out when the weather gets a little worse. And I love the memories I have of it.

What about you?