I got tagged by Moriah for the Stylish Blogger Award...thanks Moriah!

The rules are to post five random things about yourself and then tag five people.

1. I speak fluent German (My mom is German and my dad grew up in pretty much all our family lives there and most of them don't know very much English).

2. I'm not very tall - I'm maybe 5"2 or 3. Even though my grandfather on my dad's side was 6"4, I guess the short people overpowered the tall people... ;)

3. I moved for the first time when I was almost nine..since then I have moved twice.

4. It is my absolute dream to go to Paris. Hopefully my mom and I will get to go when we go to Germany this September. I'm already going crazy thinking of all the pictures I can take....

5. Math and science are not my strong subjects. At all.

I don't know how I can pick only five people, so I'm tagging everyone who has ever been to Texas (I told you I'm still a Texan at heart! :)).