weekend in pictures

I'm not so great at explaining things with words, so I'm going to show you pictures from the things we did instead ;)

On Saturday, our friends the Hintzes came over for a few hours. We hung out and then headed over to a local park.
Apparently it was prom night for a local high was crazy as everyone was trying to get pictures. One lady shouted "Gentlemen, help your dates!" as they were all having trouble on the rock steps with high heels. I found that quite hilarious.

(brownies with fresh strawberries and whipped cream for dessert after lunch)
(a rose)
(Jeremiah, MeMe, and Lilly)
(the sky)
(Lilly and JoJo)
(a fence)

After church on Sunday afternoon we headed to another park. 

(MeMe making silly faces)
(flowers by a creek)
(Lilly swinging)

How was your weekend?