the nonexistent size 7 1/2 shoes

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping for some shoes for my confirmation - which is a week from today.

After trying on multiple pairs of shoes at Target, I was ready to give up.

Then I found THE shoes. They were so cute and matched my dress perfectly. They had tan, light pink, and black to choose from; since my dress is black and white I wanted the black shoes.

I tried on a size was a bit too small, so I tried a size 8 - too big. My heel kept on flapping out with every step I took in the bigger shoes...ha! I knew I needed a 7 1/2. To make sure, I tried on the 7 1/2 in the tan. They fit perfectly.

There was only one small problem.

There were no size 7 1/2 black shoes. Sob. My beautiful black wedges are nonexistent.

So much for finding the perfect shoes.