I had a lovely weekend. 

On Saturday I slept in and had wonderful waffles for breakfast, courtesy of the best cook - my mom. Later I went shopping (where I lost my beautiful wedges) and MeMe's friend came over to spend the night. We ordered pizza (You should try the spinach alfredo deluxe pizza from Papa John's...mmm. Mushrooms, bacon, cheese, onions, and spinach all packaged neatly on top of a yummy crust. Seriously.) and I stayed up too late.

After church on Sunday, my mom and I went to a ballet end-of-the-year performance, in which my friend and her two little sisters were in. It was amazing. Afterwards, we all went to the river - where we saw four of the guys that were in the ballet performance an hour earlier playing Frisbee. I didn't say hi. I'm not that much of a creep! :) 
There were also two evil ice cream trucks. And, just like I said, little children ran from the playground as fast as they could to the truck. I saw people getting Tweety Bird ice cream. Grr. But, it's their choice and therefore none of my business if they decide to get Tweety Bird...but that doesn't mean that I can't agree with their choice. Right? Right. That's my answer and I'm sticking too it.

I digress.

When we got home from the river, I did homework. Lots of it. You'd think with exams next week they'd let off of homework a bit...but nope. Here's to hoping I can make it to the end of the school year. One. More. Week. 

How was your weekend?