orchids & photography

5/28 Edited to add: I realize it has now been a few days since I published this post, but I'm going to link up to Macro Friday at Blogging from Bolivia. I'm supposed to specify which picture I want people to vote for; I'm going to go with the last photo. 

yesterday i mentioned that i hadn't been taking as many pictures lately. part of the problem was that i've been stuck in the house and i couldn't find anything else interesting to take pictures of (not counting my siblings. ha.). my parents have two orchids - a white one and a purple one...i was slightly partial to the purple one - in the window seat of their room. i see them everyday, but i had grown so used to them that i didn't really see them anymore. 
today, i actually noticed them. all of a sudden, i had an overwhelming urge to photograph. i bounded up the stairs to my room, grabbed my camera, and ran back to the orchids. 

as i snapped away, i saw them, it seemed, as for the first time. there is something about photography that makes you pay attention to the tiniest detail. that's what i love about photographing everyday things. it's easy to take pictures when everything is - literally - picturesque. if i were in paris i would have no trouble taking beautiful photographs. but it's only when it seems like nothing is "worthy" of a picture that you grow as a photographer (in my opinion). you search for beauty more when it's harder to find. 

when i started project 365 (see my pictures for that challenge here), i had such a hard time finding things to take pictures of. i mean, i could have easily just taken random pictures of my weirdly shaped feet or whatever, but i wouldn't have learned as much if i would have done that. instead, i looked harder for beauty...and do you know what? i found it. i had not so great pictures, and i had pictures i really like, but through both i grew as a photographer.

orchids are now my new favorite flower...they're very good photography teachers :)

okay, so i meant for this post to be much shorter...i really should have been doing homework instead of blogging, but i kind of got carried away there. 

on a side note, tomorrow is happiness is. will i see you there? ;)

happy monday!