brown eyed beauties

As promised, here are a few of the pictures I took with Lilly and Jeremiah. I need to "schedule" a photo shoot with MeMe soon - she was at a friend's house when I took these photos.

Lilly and Jeremiah are the most alike - looks wise as well as personality. Between the two of them, there is rarely a time when someone in our house is not laughing!
Singing "Fireflies"...he gets creative when he sings :) And he has the most hilarious faces - although this isn't posed.
There's a funny story behind these next photos...It started out with her holding some blossoms...
...which led into getting silly and putting them in her mouth....
...which led to Jeremiah teasing her and saying that blossoms were poisonous - hence her face. 
She quickly spit them out and looked at them in disgust.