a stormy morning

It's a rainy day, full of thunder and downpours.

While it's storming outside, I've been...

doing Latin homework.

listening to MeMe prepare for her Girl's Club, which meets for the first time this afternoon. Yep, she started  her own club and 7-8 girls are expected to show up.

smelling baking biscuits for the strawberry shortcake Jeremiah is baking.

messing around with my camera (what else is new?).

and telling myself I should get out of my pjs...hasn't happened yet.

Also, today is my beautiful big sister Amanda's 21st birthday. She is the younger of my two (technically half) sisters that live in Germany. Happy birthday Amanda...I love you:)

What have you been up to this lovely rainy morning (or maybe lovely sunny morning for you :))?