miscellaneous ramblings

1. As you may have noticed, I've done a bit of spring summer cleaning on my blog. I have a new header, my blog is wider (which makes the posting space bigger), and I've made the photos larger. What do you think? 

2. Three weeks from tomorrow, I'm going to be heading to Nashville, TN, for a youth conference. My wonderful friend Emily is going to be there (she lives in Iowa) - we became friends when both of our dads were at the seminary. I can't wait to see her!

3. I am still being blown away by what my camera can do. 
Yeah...I'm just a little obsessed with aperture right now...I even dreamed in focused subject/blurry background last night. I may need some therapy. 

4. Lilly has a crush on one of the guys that's working on our AC...his name is Frank - and he's bald. I have absolutely nothing against bald guys, but I find it hilarious that Lilly likes him. She had MeMe write "Frankie" on her bulletin at church today. Snort.

5. Be on the lookout for another giveaway in the next few weeks, as well as more photography tips!

I'm going to wrap this up so I can watch the Germany vs Australia soccer game...go Germany! :)