my baby

I am completely head over heels in love...because of what came in the mail yesterday.
My Nikon D3000!!!!!!! I'm just a little obsessed. 

I just realized I somehow forgot to tell you that I'd ordered it on Saturday. I can't believe it! 

Anyway, after what seemed the longest four days of my life, my baby finally arrived.

Yesterday I had to work at the library - when I left it hadn't come yet. When my mom and siblings came of pick me up, I asked them if it had arrived, and they said no. I was so disappointed!
When we went out to our car, my brother pulled out a box and said, "It feels like there's a camera in here."
Ha! They lied to me, and said it hadn't come so they could surprise me. We had to go straight to VBS from the library, so I unpacked the camera in my dad's office at church. During VBS I let the battery charge...and as soon as it was done charging I took a gazillion pictures.

It's amazingly fast - soo much faster than my point and shoot. To tell you the truth, though, the pictures I've taken so far with it haven't been very good. I know that it's because I need to learn how to use a DSLR, but it's frustrating to know what pictures can look like taken with these kinds of cameras and not being able to achieve that look! I'm determined to learn how to use it as soon as possible - not that I get scared of it and go back to using my other camera. 

I've ordered tons of books on using DSLR cameras from the library and I'm thinking about taking a photography class. Hopefully by the time we go to Europe, I'll know enough about it to be able to take amazing pictures. :)

I'll be blogging about my journey trying to figure this whole new world out...wish me luck!