a summer concert

Last night we went to an outdoor concert at our local "it" was lovely.

It was one of weekly summer concerts. Each week the music ranges from light opera to pop to country - there's something for everyone. The music last night was country...being from Texas I can't help but like it. :)

The band was so fun. They played country classics such as "Silver Wings", "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Margaritaville" (Although, I'm not sure if the latter technically counts as a classic ;))...even though it wasn't country, my favorite song was a very cool rendition of "Wipe Out", complete with an awesome drum solo.

It was a beautiful night - as the sun started to set, a breeze began blowing and the temperature lowered a bit...and the clouds were stunning.

There was snow cone selling, dancing, laughing, lots of fun...and incredibly cute kids :) It was a very enjoyable night - I hope we can make it to the next concert...the Beatles! (Well, not the Beatles, obviously, but Beatles music.)

What did you do last night?