miscellaneous ramblings

1. It is HOT here. The heat index today was 117 degrees Farenheit. Yikes. The only thing that you can do in this kind of weather is stay in an air conditioned house or go swimming. We went with the latter.

Have I mentioned that it's hot?

2. Yesterday I went shopping...and managed to get two pairs of shorts, a tank top, and a tshirt! That is a big deal for me, being so skinny. Ugh. I was joking (sort of) with my mom that I should start a fashion blog - An Extra Small in a Plus Sized World. 

3. Do you see the gorilla in this picture? Tilt your head to the right a bit...I've helped you a little too :)

I never would have seen it if my brother hadn't pointed it out...he and his friend found it one night.

4. I hit ninety followers today. Wow. Y'all are amazing. I know I say this practically every time a get a new follower, but I can't believe it!

5. I know that you're probably tired of hearing my gush over my new camera...bear with me for a bit longer. :) But seriously, check this side by side comparison out...

Both these photos were taken at practically the same angle and were edited exactly the same way. Told ya this camera was amazing. 

6. There are less than three months until our trip to Germany. Is it bad that I can't wait to go because of all the photos I can take? I mean, I'm insanely excited to see my family...but still. ;)