geeky carlotta, among other things

Today I did some rearranging in my room - I moved around my "office" space. How I had it before wasn't working out too well. I loved how it looked, but there simply wasn't enough room. Between my laptop and school things strewn all over the desktop, it got a bit challenging trying to find a clear space.


Above is how it used to be. I loved this arrangement - looks wise. Practicality wise...well, like I said before, it wasn't working out. 

While cleaning my room this morning, I decided to do something about it. So I switched the desk to the other wall...

...and in the space between the desk and the wall, I rolled in a storage cart. When I need more space during my online classes, etc, I can set my laptop on this cart, atop the cooling rack (aka a cookie rack stolen from my mom).

Since I was already moving things around, I figured it would be a good time as any to clean out my desk. Oh boy, was that a task! I discovered these geeky glasses...

It's probably not hard to put two and two together. Geeky glasses + a crazy girl =

Geeky Carlotta! Excuse my face. I'm really not sure why I was compelled to contort my mouth into something that looks strangely like a platypus' mouth. Or why I was compelled to make my eyes freakishly wide. I hope you're not scared to death now. 

(It's okay if you're scared to death, though. To tell you the truth, I kind of scare myself to death.)

And desk drawers are all pretty! Although, this is the only drawer that looks somewhat good. The others are organized, but definitely not pretty. 

I'll stop rambling about drawers now.

So, what do you think of the new arrangements? Do you have any suggestions to make it better?