i'm in love with a...door?

It's true. I'm in love with a door. Strange? Maybe. Beautiful? YES.

I know, I'm completely crazy. Feel free to run and hide at any time.

This door is in our mudroom (I'm actually in love with the whole mudroom...it has this awesome teal bead board ceiling...everything about it is perfect. That's a whole 'nother post, though.). 

The paint is wonderfully chippy, it has four glass windows, the door knob is amazing. Actually, everything is amazing.

See what I mean? Check out that chipping paint. Swoon. I will never, ever, ever let anyone paint this door. EVER. And if someone paints it without my knowledge, I will cry. (I'm a bit obsessed, dontcha think?)

When I move out of my parent's house, I'm going to take it with me and put it in my own home. Ha. I'm not sure they'd appreciate it, though. 

And the door knob. Oh, the door knob. Look at it. The keyhole, chippy paint, it's perfect. 

Yep...it's official. I've gone crazy. It's bad enough that I'm in love with a door...but to write a blog post about it? That's just insane. Quick! Someone call a therapist! (I've need a therapist a lot lately. First it was IKEA, then flowers, and now a door. Sigh.)