This weekend has been a whirlwind. There was so much to do and so little time. Thankfully, I survived.

I finally finished packing for my trip to Nashville (It's a youth trip - I think I forgot to say. :) We're going for the Higher Things conference). We are only allowed one small carry on (we had to fit everything we need for a week in it) per person, due to the limited size of the bus we're taking. I didn't think I was going to manage, but I did. I took everything that I would have taken had I used a bigger suitcase - I turned it into a challenge. And I succeeded! AND it fits in the bus. I am very proud of myself. Everything that I'm taking I can carry at once: my camera - my mom tried to reason with me and asked me to leave it at home, as she was scared it would be damaged or stolen. No way Jose. I am NOT leaving my baby home! Especially on its first trip! - bag, pillow, and purse. That is quite an accomplishment for me. Normally I have to take AT LEAST two trips to/from the car.

I digress.

We're leaving bright and early at 6am tomorrow. That's early. We're going to be driving all day - we'll probably arrive in Nashville in the late afternoon. We're staying at a hotel tomorrow night, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we'll be in dorms. Friday we'll be back in the hotel. Then Saturday morning we're leaving to go back home.

I've scheduled some great posts for y'all (So you don't miss me too much! :)). I will have internet access, so I'll be able to read your comments and everything, I just didn't want to deal with posting while there. Hence the scheduled posts. So for you guys, it'll be no different than now!

Above is a sneak peek of one of the posts you can look forward to. Any guesses on what it's about?

Oh, and just a little giveaway ends TONIGHT (6/4) at midnight. If you haven't entered, now's your last chance!

Enough about me. How was your weekend?

Alright little chickies...I'm off to Nashville! I'll "see" ya from there :)