a vintage photo shoot

I consider this my first photo shoot. I mean, I've dragged my siblings outside countless times for a few pictures, but I've never actually styled and planned a photo session. This was the first time that we went somewhere with props for planned picture taking. 

I wanted a vintage feel for these photos. While I admit they're not completely old fashioned - there's only so much you can do with kids! - I love how they turned out. 

MeMe is such a great sport when it comes to me taking pictures of her. In all honesty, if the roles were reversed, I don't think I could put up with someone constantly chasing me around with a camera! 

This picture is so Jeremiah. It captures him perfectly. From his sarcastically lifted eyebrow, to his still sweet smile...I've never gotten his personality to shine through like this before.  

I love these pictures of my mom and Lilly. They melt my heart :)

Our neighbor, Zoe, tagged along on the shoot...I promised her I would put up a photo of her on here. Hehe.

It was so hot and sticky outside during all the picture taking...everyone was dripping sweat and exhausted, so we had to stop earlier than I would have liked to. It showed me what photo shoots with children (although, photo shoots in general) are really like. Kids aren't always cooperative, they don't always listen. They don't always want to go with your idea for a great shot. I actually left feeling very dejected about how everything had gone...I thought for sure I didn't get any good shots. I was very pleasantly surprised to say the least when I discovered it wasn't a complete failure. 

In conclusion, this shoot was so much fun - I can't wait to have another one when the weather is a bit cooler :)