back to school & raw(e)

It's that time again (Already?! Didn't it seem that school just started last year?)...back to school.

Back to learning new things. Back to tests.

Back to pencils, homework, and teacher's dirty looks (I couldn't resist!). Back to reading Ancient Egyptian Literature. Okay, maybe not. But that's one of the things I have to read ;)

Back to fresh, clean notebooks. Back to textbooks.

(Above is my pink entry for Raw(e))

Back to schedules, and if you're not homeschooled, back to rushing from class to class.

Although I'm probably going to change my mind on January 24th at 1:12 pm*, I kind of like getting back to school right now. Even though I'm homeschooled (more like online schooled and self taught with my mom checking on me once a week), I'm going to try to stick to a more rigid schedule this year. We'll see if that lasts ;)

Have you started school yet? Are you glad to be back in the rhythm, or would you rather be doing anything but school?


*This date and time have no significance. They were just picked randomly.

PS I'm only 8 followers away from 300! Eight! Do you think you guys could help me make it to 300? Please? :)

EDIT: People! You've done it again! I am now at 300 followers! Eeeekkk!