happiness is...

After a hiatus last week, Happiness Is is back! 

To play along, just write a post with two things that made you happy this week (or more. If you're rule defier. Hehe.), with a link to me/the Happiness Is button. Then come back here and link up!

Remember, if I don't get more than 5 link ups, Happiness Is will be closing for an unidentified amount of time.

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

...spending time with my sisters. I took a bath with them last night (don't worry, I had a swimsuit on ;)), and I realized how precious these moments with them are right now. Soon they're going to be all grown up and they're not going to want to spend time with their big sister. MeMe was jabbering on about how "People are just so fat these days!" and how I'm "like those girls, you know, those teenagers with long hair and blue eyes. Sometimes green eyes. Those ones that always are hilarious and love laughing. And the ones that are fashionable!". Lilly told me that she liked her skin better. My skin had "all those sprinkles on it" (i.e. pimples. Thanks, Lilly. I only have about four!).
I just closed my eyes, squeezed Lilly tighter - who was sitting on my lap - and just relished the moment. 

...driving on rural Oklahoma roads. There's just something about the brilliantly blue sky, the lush vegetation, and the old bridges that I love.

What has made you happy this week? Link up and let me know (or leave me a comment if you don't want to write a post)!