I apologize for not posting yesterday...we went on a little day trip, as my dad had to preach at another congregation - and I needed a little break from blogging. I hope you understand :)

Yesterday it rained while it was sunny outside. I'm not talking about a little shower, I'm talking about a real thunderstorm. Okay, so there wasn't any lightning, but there was thunder and it was raining hard.

When the thunderstorm passed, it felt like a rain forest outside. It was hot, humid, sunny, and everything was wet. But it also made for some wonderful photos.

The water droplets that still clung to objects sparkled and shimmered like tiny prisms in the sunlight. It was breathtaking. 

Even though I didn't see a rainbow in the sky, I found one in the last photo (bottom right hand corner). See it? It made my day.

It's times like these that make me love photography even more. Some are content just to see beauty with their eyes, but that's not enough for me. No, when I see something that's beautiful to me, I have to capture it in a photo. When I press the shutter release button, and here that familiar "click", I'm satisfied the beauty will last forever. Only then do I truly appreciate something beautiful. I will never, ever tire of it.