blogging pet peeves part two

(You can read my first "blogging pet peeves" post here.)

Note: These are my own personal opinions. I don't want to offend anyone by any means. I guess I'm just super picky or something but there are a lot of things that irk me in the blog many in fact, that this is part two of my blogging pet peeves ;) Oh, and if you did see it yesterday, Happiness Is is taking a little break, but it's be back next week.

Google Images pictures. We're all done it at one time or another, myself included. We're writing a post and want a picture to go along with it, but don't want to take it ourselves. So we go to our friend Google Images and find a photo from there that pertains to the post. There's one problem with this - even if you provide a "via" link, you're almost always violating a copyright. Not to mention the photos are usually so...boring. It would be so much better if you just took the picture yourself. Seriously. ;)

Tons of posts on the blog home page. There is a little device called "archiving". Can you guess what it does? Yep, it files your posts so you don't have 134 posts on the first page of your blog. And if many of those posts contain photos, that also means your blog will probably load very slowly (Don't know if your blog loads slowly or not? Ask your readers!). Who wants to wait for 134 posts to load? I recommend not more than 7 posts on the main page. 

"Text talk". You know what I mean. We wnt 2 the stor 2day. (Okay, really lame example but that's what popped into my brain first ;)) Ew, ew, ew. Typing like that DOES NOT by any means make you appear "cooler". Or smarter, or more mature for that matter. Same goes for adding more letters to words likee thisss. What's the point of that?

Check out my blog. I know people are just trying to advertise their blog, but who likes those comments? You know, that are irrelevant to your post and just say "Nice blog, please check out mine at [insert blog URL] and become a follower!". Um, no. In fact, I refuse to go to those peoples' blogs (Why yes, I am very stubborn when I want to be. Thanks for asking!). I am more inclined to visit your blog if you write a comment that pertains to the post and don't advertise your site.

Their, they're, and there. Please get your grammar straight, people. If you mean their baby, write "their" not there. And you're and your. For example, it would be "You're so nice!" not "Your so nice!". (Again with the lame examples...sigh.)

I'm going to stop myself here...I don't want to get too whiny :)

What are some things that bug you in the blogging community? I'd love to hear them!