food, sarcasm, and random musings

I've been taking quite a few photos of food lately (if you didn't already notice... ;)). There are three reasons for this.

Firstly, I love food. Food makes me happy and I like to take pictures of things that make me happy.

Secondly, I love the challenging aspect of food photography. It's so easy to take a bad picture of food. The lighting has to be right, the food has to look appetizing. While I'm by no means an expert on food photography, I do know that difference between a bad photo and a good one.

And thirdly, I've lost my models - my siblings. They were tired of being photographed all the time, so they fired themselves. (Is that even possible? Okay, they retired then. But can you retire at the ages of 4, 6, and 9? Never mind.) So that put people out of the picture. No pun intended. ;)
And taking pictures of the vegetation around my house gets quite boring after a while.
But food always provides an opportunity to take photos of things that aren't green. And since we eat quite regularly in my house (three times a day plus snacks...but isn't it that way in almost every household? ;)), there is never a shortage of edible things to be photographed.

Random musing of the day - Maybe it's because I've typed the word "food" a lot in this post, but it's a weird word. At least I think it is. I don't think it really sounds appetizing. But that's just me. As a friend mentioned, "A lot of interesting things pop into your mind." I'd have to agree. ;)

Moving right along.

(strawberry smoothie)


Here's yet another random musing. If you were stranded in the desert and could only bring one item of food (water would not be allowed), you should pick watermelon. 1, it's delicious and 2, it's practically water. It's food and drink combined! Wait, that sounds gross. And besides...where would you get watermelon in the desert? Nevermindthatlastparagraph. 

In conclusion, I've been taking lots of food photos and posting them here because it makes me happy. And I really like things that make me happy :) 

(Although, doesn't everyone? Sorry. I just really like sarcasm.)

What makes you happy?