a little trip to italy

Okay, so not really but doesn't it look like it?

From the pictures I've seen, and from my mom who has been to Italy several times, this looks pretty darn close to the real thing. 

This is a museum in our city. It was originally a mansion belonging to one of the oil tycoons. Now, after being remodeled, it's one of the finest art/history museums in our area. 

We went to see an exhibition on Ancient Egypt, but I have no photos to prove we visited it, as no photography was allowed. Actually, that isn't quite true. Yes, no photography allowed, but I do have one picture of an ancient childrens' board game (I'm a rebel. Heh.). But I didn't really want to post something that was "illegal". 

I digress.

When we were finished admiring artifacts that were several thousand years old, we headed outside to the gardens - some of the most beautiful around. In these gardens, everything is exquisitely landscaped, immaculately groomed to absolute perfection. They're magnificent. 

But not only are they gorgeous, the gardens are also a photographer's dream. They're just what I needed when I was feeling down about my photos. A different setting, new things to capture...I suppose one of the reasons I felt so inadequate regarding my photography a few days ago was simply because I was bored with the settings I had. I know that seems a bit silly, but I really believe it's true. 
And for those who thought I was giving up photography - I could never, ever give up something so dear to me. Something so therapeutic, something so beautiful. I'm happy to say I'm "back in the saddle" for now...and I hope to never get out of it for a long, long time. 


PS The giveaway I spoke about a few days ago is still happening...I just have a few loose ends to tie up.