a room tour

Like I mentioned in the video, I got a request a couple weeks ago to do a tour of my room...I just now got around to doing it, mainly because my room was a disaster before ;) 

I promise you I don't have a sunburn...I just used the video capability on my point and shoot camera (too bad I couldn't use my DSLR, huh? :)) and it likes to do weird things to my face. 

And I apologize about the shaky video...I'm not sure why my hands were so shaky.

Note: I'm trying Vimeo to host this video for the first time...let me know if it doesn't work. I just got sick of Blogger taking forever to upload the stinkin movie.

Okay, I'll stop trying to prolong the inevitable, bite the bullet, and let y'all watch the video. Eek. 

Before watching this video I didn't realize I moved my eyebrows so much when I talk! Upon asking MeMe, she said that I do it all the time. Well. You learn something new about yourself everyday ;) 

As you might have been able to see, my decorating style is sort of modern mixed with a bit of vintage. My room isn't perfectly decorated, but rooms are always a work in progress, aren't they? :) 

What does your room look like? 


PS I would have posted this earlier, but the video took so long to upload! Sorry :)