i'm too random for my own good

Warning: extreme sarcasm, randomness, and overuse of parentheses ahead.

Really, it's true.

I'm way too random for my own good. I can hardly stay on one topic for 20 seconds without jumping to another one.

Maybe I have ADD! Yeah, maybe that's - ooh shiny!

Okay, I'm putting it on a little thick.

But since I'm already on the topic of randomness, I suppose I'll share a few random thoughts.

(Let's hope I can stay on this topic! But it's randomness. Randomness allows me to jump from thought to thought while still staying the category of said topic. Wait. That didn't make any sense. Oh well.)

Today I went shopping. I really love shopping - especially when it involves clothes. And cosmetics. And chemicals. Okay, so that last one isn't true. It was a pop quiz to see if you were paying attention. I was just trying to make an alliteration. It didn't really work out.

Moving right along.

I needed to pick up some shampoo and a new tube of mascara. I found the mascara and sashayed into the shampoo aisle, MeMe in tow.

(I didn't really sashay, though. If you must know. Hey, that rhymed! I'm a poet and didn't even know it. Okay. Yes. Lame.).

I decided to try a new kind - the Root 66 max volume shampoo (pictured above). It was a bit on the expensive side - about eight dollars for a little over eight ounces - but I decided to go for it since I had a gift card. I checked out in the self check out, and to my surprise, the shampoo rang up for twenty seven cents. Twenty seven! Somehow the price got messed up by accident, but I didn't complain. I just took it and ran. ;)

(That's not considered stealing, though, is it? Since it was the store's fault? But what's done is done...)

I also got another tank, similar to the one I posted about a few weeks ago, except it's all white. I'm in love with these long and lean tanks...they retain their stretchiness (due to the 6 something percent Spandex. Which is also great for holding in food babies. ;)) and look great. Love them.

Random fact number 234: If you give me a long and lean tank or four (in S, please) you will be my forever friend.

Just kidding.


MeMe and Lilly were jumping off a kiddie slide in our front yard last night. I loved hearing their screams of laughter as they landed on the ground (flat on their feet most of the time, no less!)

No small children were harmed in the taking of this picture. 

And the light was just yummy. See?

I've been kind of obsessed with "yummy" light lately. But that's okay. As as photographer, it's in my blood. Not literally, though. That would be weird.

I got a bit carried away with sarcasm and randomness in this post. But to be fair, you were warned ;)

Have a wonderful Sunday! What do you have planned?