things i've been loving

Sweet little hands doing math.

This amazing necklace.

A polka dotted picnic blanket and lush green grass.

Photos taken from above (would those be called aerial shots? I have no idea.)

The best camera bag in the world...I'd be more than happy to accept it as a gift. If you're looking to give me one. ;)

Taking pictures of MeMe's reflection in the mirror.

YOU! Y'all are amazing.

What have you been loving lately?


PS In answer to the question a few of you had, I used Picnik to round the corners of my photos. I just went to "frames" and hit "round edges" (or something to that effect). I know there are probably other ways to this, but that's what I did :)

PPS I was too lazy to upload all my photos to Picnik. Which is why none of the corners are rounded. Oh well.