happiness is...

This week has just flown past. It seemed like I just wrote about how the next Happiness Is would be hosted from Germany...and here we are. Wow. Time really flies!

If you've never played along before, it's simple. Just write a blog post with two things that have made you happy this week, grab the Happiness Is button, and come back here and link up! (Please link up AFTER you've written your post, please.)

Happiness Is...

I'll start.

Happiness is...

...stormy clouds, bringing with them the sure promise of a thunderstorm. One of my favorite things :)

...finally being in Germany (and not getting sick on the plane - a big milestone for me!). I'm unbelievably happy right now.

What has happiness been to you this week? Link up and let me know (Or, if you'd rather not write a blog post, let me know in the comment section)!