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Today is our last day in Germany. Sigh. I'm ready to go back, as my dad is already home, but if it weren't for him, I'd definitely want to stay here much, much longer.
The school load is going to drastically increase, as well as the responsibility, I won't get to see my grandparents everyday, I'll miss the kittens that were born on my aunt's farm a few weeks ago, among many other things. Then again, I know that it will feel good to be home again, but while we're still in Germany...I don't want to go.

But enough wallowing in self pity. I'm going to cheer myself up with some happy thoughts :)

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Happiness Is...

Oh, and thank you to everyone who voted on the poll (which is now closed) regarding which direction Happiness Is should take! I've put up another poll asking whether you want to leave Happiness Is on Wednesday or move it to a different day. I'm going to reveal the changes I've planned next week :)

Happiness is...

montmartre in paris

...Paris. You knew this was coming, didn't you? But Paris is definitely happiness. Which I'm sure you already know from reading my posts on it the past few days ;)

i love kittens

...kittens. I think they're one of the sweetest things on earth. These kittens were born on my aunt's farm about three weeks ago. They're seriously adorable. I so wish I could take one home with me...

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