happiness is...

Greetings, loved ones! It is now time for Happiness Is!

Great. Now I sound like I'm from the 1600s or something. 

Anyway, if you haven't played along before, it's simple. Just wrote a post with two things that have made you happy this week, add the button (below) to the post or just add a link to my blog, then come back here and link up!

See? Easy as pie.

(Going off on a bunny trail here, why in the world is it called "easy as pie"? Why not "easy as cookies" or "easy as a rhino" for heaven's sakes! Besides, the one time I made pie, it wasn't easy it. It took me far too long. *cough*threehours*cough* But I'm digressing.)

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

...MeMe, Jeremiah, and my dad arriving back safely from their trip. They left on Friday to visit my two older sisters (sadly I wasn't able to come along this time) and came back last night. I'm so glad the family is back together again!

...beautiful, sunny weather. Every time we come to Germany we're usually blessed with good weather, but most of our time here it's been rainy and cold. I've learned that I thrive on sunshine. Even when it's cold, the sun makes all the difference.

So, what has made you happy this week? Link up and let me know! (Or, you can leave your answers in the comment section on this post)