happy birthday, jeremiah!

Where did the time go? Can it really be that my favorite (and only!) brother is ten today? It seemed like yesterday that I sat on the couch with my grandma late at night while my mom and dad were at the birthing center. I remember the huge thunderstorm that raged outside. I remember my parents finally coming home, with a tiny bundle in their arms. My brother! I was finally a big sister...and was overjoyed.

I remember his "sausage fingers" (My brother and I always laugh over that...his fingers really looked like little sausages ;)). I remember the time he scribbled all over the wall early one morning while everyone was still asleep. I remember how he loved to climb above the kitchen sink and sit on the window ledge (don't worry, it was completely safe...). I remember his made-up sign language...his sign for "deer" was making both his fingers into a peace sign and wiggling them behind his head.

I have so many more stories...he was - and still is - quite the character.

And this is what happens when I try to take a picture with him...

And now? He's ten. He's lived a decade. In three years he'll be a teenager. In just six years he can drive. In another ten years he'll be twenty. That's kind of scary. 

No comment. I did receive his permission to post this, though :)

Jeremiah, thanks for being such a wonderful brother. I know I can get super annoying at times (That's just the job of a big sister! Kidding. Kind of. ;)), but I always have so much fun with you. We've had so many good memories together...I can't even begin to list them.

Happy birthday, Jeremiah. I love you.

Oh, I have a special request. Would all of y'all leave a little note for him in the comment section for his birthday? I'm going to show Jeremiah this post at the end of the day, and I know it would make it him so happy to see everyone's well wishes. A million thanks!


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