perfectly imperfect, among other things

While wandering around town a few days ago), I stumbled across - or rather my parents pointed it out - this candle room in a chapel. The crooked way they were all standing intrigued me...perfectly imperfect. 

You know how much I love bokeh...I couldn't resist getting this shot.

Our visit to Germany is going fabulously. 

I adore the freedom I have one gives me a second glance if I'm wandering about town alone. Not to mention, everything is so close. It probably takes about 5 minutes to walk from my grandparent's house to the middle of the town. 

There's this fabulous ice cream shop here that I'm obsessed with. I think the attraction began in 2007, and it hasn't lessened since.
This store ice cream amazing. Every thing (including the cones) is all hand made in the store, with fresh, natural ingredients. When strawberries are in season, their strawberry ice cream is unbelievable. And I don't really even like strawberry ice cream! But my favorite - by far - is their chocolate ice cream. Mmm. I wish ice cream that good was available in the States. Seriously. Plus? It's only €.70 for a cone. That would be about 90 cents in America. Good ice cream, for barely anything? That's what I call a deal.

My German is slowly coming back, but now that I want to be more grammatically correct, it makes it harder. I'm probably too much of a perfectionist...but at least people can understand me. It still frustrates me, though. Even though German isn't new to me (I've been able to speak it since I was three or so), I don't speak it often in America, as everyone speaks English. It always takes awhile for everything to "resurface" in my mind...I know what I want to say, but I can't always make it come out right. I don't remember it being this hard last time we were here...but I know it'll get better the longer we're here. I still have another 3 1/2 weeks to improve :)

Jeremiah's birthday was wonderful - thank you all for your sweet notes on his birthday post yesterday! He loved the attention. Among his presents was a new hat he'd been wanting...I stole it - see above photo. What do you think? I'm thinking of getting my own...even if it is a men's hat. Oh well.

Note: I'm not trying to be vain by posting photos of me. I admit, I've posted more in the past few days that I have in a long time, but I really only have good intentions :)

I gave Jeremiah The Encyclopedia of Immaturity. It's just what he needs to give him even more crazy ideas:) But really, from what he's said of the book, it's a riot. He also now has a Blogger profile (with the picture I took of him a few days ago as his profile photo!) if you see a familiar face following/commenting on your blog, yes, it is my brother.

And now? I have a stack of homework to do a foot high - yes, classes don't stop even while I'm in Germany - so I'm going to conclude this post.

Also, don't forget to enter in my giveaway! It ends today at noon (CST).

Have a wonderful day! What do you have planned?