scavenger hunt sunday

I thought I'd participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday at Ramblings and Photos this is so crazy, with driving down to Houston and finishing packing (We're going to Germany TOMORROW!), among many other things, that I don't have the energy - or time - to write a "real post". Sorry! :)

1. Red.

Baking soda :)

2. Homespace.

A picture of my desk before I switched around the layout. This was actually taken by my brother, using my camera, but I'm sure he won't mind mine using it in this post :)

3. Fence.

Taken at a stop in Memphis, Tennessee, when traveling with my youth group to a conference.

4. Rock.

It didn't specify what kind of rock in the challenge, so I used a photo I took at a concert...they were playing "old rock" - from the 1960s. That counts, right? :)

5. Sharp.

Okay, so flyscreen isn't super sharp, but it's the best I could come up with. Not to mention the its lying makes it look kind of like a sharp edge.

Have a wonderful Sunday! What are your plans for the day?