this is it

We made it to Houston (thank you for your prayers!), the suitcases are packed to near bursting, the flight connections are all lined up, classes have been postponed, our family in Germany is eagerly anticipating our arrival...

This is it.

The moment we've been waiting for over nine months (yes, nine!) is nearly here. All the days of hardly containable excitement, of dancing around like a crazed small dog, of counting down the days (and, okay, hours and minutes too), of blogging's all led up to this moment.

This is it.

Soon we'll be driving to the airport. Soon we'll go through the familiar routine of checking our bags, waiting for our flight, boarding the plane, flying high above the clouds, and finally landing in another country. Soon we'll be greeting our family, who we haven't seen in over two years.

This schedule – because we've gone through it many, many times before on previous trips to Germany – may not be new, but it's not any less exciting.

This is it. We're going to Germany today. There's no turning back now!

If you would, please pray for a safe flight...and also that I don't get sick. I've been known to have some air sickness issues...hehe. :)


PS Don't worry, I'll still post everyday while we're in Germany...I couldn't go without blogging for a whole month! I also added another tab if you want to learn more about why we're over there.