miscellaneous ramblings

1. i've been craving pumpkin. Blame it on the beautiful fall weather, but I've been craving pumpkin. Whether it be a pumpkin spiced candle or pumpkin bread, it doesn't matter. Some sweet friends of ours gave us some pumpkin bread with cream cheese icing...mmm. It sure did satisfy my craving. I forgot to take a photo...I was too busy devouring the deliciousness. ;)

the paris skyline

2. 789 of them. gone. A few nights ago, I was going through the photos on my memory card, preparing for a blog post. I wanted to delete three photos, but I accidentally clicked "select all". Then, I pressed the delete key and watched 789 photos vanish against my will. These were nearly all my Paris photos. Many of my Germany photos. And since I hadn't saved them to my computer yet, they weren't sent to the recycling bin. I freaked out. I was thisclose to the point of tears. Thisclose to having a meltdown. I googled "memory card photo recovery" to see if there was a software I could download to recover my precious pictures. I found one I thought would work - and it did. It recovered all my photos. But if I wanted to save them to my computer, I would have had to pay forty dollars.
Back to google I went. I didn't feel like paying forty dollars - although I probably would have if I hadn't found something else. I discovered another program and downloaded that...thirty agonizing minutes later, it announced that it had successfully recovered my photos. I started dancing in bed. I was seriously elated. Although, some of them got corrupted by the software, but I just can be thankful I take at least ten photos of each thing I photograph.
Above is one of the photos that was deleted but I got so so glad.

That was longer than I meant it to be. Oh well.

3. happy anniversary! It's my parent's anniversary today! Last night they went out - I babysat my siblings. During dinner (Alfredo pasta, made completely by myself, I'm proud to say. It's the one dish I can make without a recipe.), we blared Taylor Swift and Toby Mac; the latter got put on by Jeremiah. We had fun making up crazy dance moves and singing along at the top of our lungs. Okay, maybe that was only me that was singing at the top of my lungs, but still.

fall attire

4. my typical fall attire. Jeans, a cardigan, tshirt/tank, scarf  (that yellow one belonged to my grandfather over fifty years ago. And then I stole it. Heh.), and my moccasins. You can find me wearing variations of this pretty much everyday. I'm sad to say the stitching of my poor moccasins is coming apart...I guess that's what I get for traipsing around Paris in them. Sigh.

(And yes, I am sitting on a slide meant for five year olds. My hips don't fit through it. Why do you ask?)

5. Thankful Thursdays... Make sure you check out my friend Louis' new blog hop, Thankful Thursdays! I know he's really excited about it :)


6. patches. Being a cat, she's a great model, as she actually stays still for more than two seconds - unlike Sarge. Man, that dog just has too much energy! ;) Although, when I manage get a decent shot of him, he generally looks happy. In most of the shots of Patches I got, she looks rather grumpy. That's a cat for you.

Happy Thursday! I'm so glad it's almost the weekend...I really need that break. What about you?